Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sketches done on the edges of my developer notebook while programming web-stores back in 2000...

Frango hidropônico

Feita para o concurso de novos cartunistas do Estadão, há muitos anos atrás.

Rejected automaton

Erico Guizzo, a friend of mine who works as a journalist/editor at IEEE Spectrum, has asked me to create a small robot drawing  that  they would use at Automaton Blog
You can check Automaton for the final version, this is the alternative  that wasn't selected.

If Erico ever reads this, thanks for the opportunity!

Friday, October 03, 2008

More robots

This incomplete robot above was an attempt to make a robot with a Calvin-like attitude.

The "roving trashcan" above was one more proof that I love robots that have tank-like tracks.

More sketches - robots

Robots are a recurring theme in my random sketches, in parts because at the time I wanted to work with robotics (which I got to do on more than one occasion) and in parts because they have everything to do with cognitive science and even science fiction, themes I appreciate.

This guy was inspired by Star Wars 21B:

And this spider was inspired by the dozens of robotic spiders that are built each year in the world. The latest of which was very impressive.

Some movement here: Sketch series

Well ... it's been more than a year since I last updated this blog.

It was never really my intention to have this blog, but I came across some old drawings and sketches and thought that I could post them here.

Word of caution: those posts are not intended in any way to be taken seriouly at all. This first series specially was done on the edges of my notebook and sometimes on sketch paper while I worked as a web programmer back in 2000... Gee, I'm really old now. Kids that are entering college now were just 9 when I drew this stuff.

Sketches - robots